We are pleased that you have found us and we would like to take you through the animals that are available for export. We are Guyana Government approved Wildlife Exporters and have 20 years experience of managing and exporting these species.
All our animals are exported under strict CITES regulations and control. All species are exported under a National export quota system that ensures the sustainable utilization of Guyana’s natural resources. CITES export permits are issued by the Guyana CITES Management Authority and the original permits travel with the shipment, together with a Guyana government veterinarian’s health certificate.
           We retain the services of an exotic animals veterinary officer and provide a delivery service worldwide to ensure that our animals arrive in healthy condition. We only supply these animals to zoos, bird parks, breeders and approved importers on a wholesale basis and will provide quotes for orders.
          Please feel free to browse through our categories of animals on offer.

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